Bipap Philips A40


Bipap Philips A40


  • Ventilation modes CPAP•S•S/T•AVAPS-AE
  • Hybrid ventilation AVAPS (Average Volume Assured Pressure Support)
  • IPAP4-40 cmH2O
  • EPAP4-25 cmH2O
  • Target tidal volume (AVAPS & AVAPS-AE)200-1500 ml
  • Breath rate0-40 bpm (4-40 bpm in T mode
  • Inspiratory time0.5-3 Sec
  • Triggering and cycling Auto Track
  • Sensitive Auto Track
  • Flow Triggering
  • Rise time1 (100 ms)-6 (600 ms)
  • Noise level<30 dBA at 10 cmH2O
  • Humidification System one humidity control and Dry Box Technology
  • Alarms Patient Disconnection
  • Low Minute Ventilation
  • Low Tidal Volume (with AVAPS/AVAPS-AE Only
  • High Respiratory Rate
  • Battery: Up to 4 Hours
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BiPAP A40 can provide autonomy and increased support to patients, thanks to its specially designed battery module. The device features AVAPS-AE, an innovative mode of ventilation designed to help clinicians during the titration process while maintaining comfort and therapy optimization. This new ventilation mode helps in providing long-term therapy compliance, regardless of changes to the body position, sleep stages and respiratory mechanics

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Weight 2.1 kg
Dimensions 21.6 × 19 × 11.5 cm


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