Philips Trilogy Evo Ventilator With Dual Sim Circuit and Flow Sensor

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DESIGNED TO USE FOR DYNAMIC ENVIRONMENTS: With the expanded cross-functionality, the Philips Trilogy Evo provides features to treat critical & chronic patients in a variety of settings, similarly chronic care or acute environments, patient’s homes, or during their activities. This machine is specifically designed with durability in mind to protect it against damage during travel, like during medical transport.


DURABLE BATTERY LIFE: The Ventilator dependent patients were supported by the detachable batteries present inside, with a battery life of 15 hours. In comparison with the Trilogy 100’s six-hour battery life. Philips Trilogy Evo gives patients a new level of mobility and freedom. It’s ready to be mounted on a wheelchair or a roll stand. with a mountable and easy-to-carry bag.


EASY TO ACCESS THE DATA: Philips Evo has a cloud-based tool Care Orcheostor works through Bluetooth to send the patient and device data. This key is designed to unite the technologies, people, resources & essential information to manage your respiratory patients. With the feature of Care Orchestrator, you can create custom health rules, which are based on your best practices & proven processes. Now you can also download the data at the point of care just through a USB drive.


VENTILATION ON DEMAND: The Trilogy Evo mouthpiece ventilation does not require any inspiratory effort to trigger a breath. Philips Evo has a unique kiss® trigger that detects when your patient engages or disengages from the mouthpiece to deliver on-demand ventilation, without compromising the security of patient alarms.


ADAPTS WITH BREATH: Philip’s Proven innovations are designed to treat the varying needs of respiratory insufficiency. The AVAPS (Average Volume Assured Pressure Support) automatically adjusts the ventilator support to outreach the desired tidal volume, Although the Auto EPAP (Expiratory positive airway pressure) forehandedly adjusts to the lowest effective pressure to manage the upper airway. The Auto Back-up Rate delays the machine breath until the patient
exhales to maximize comfort.


 Philips Trilogy Evo Ventilator For Rent in Delhi

Philips Trilogy Evo ventilator provides continuous or intermittent positive-pressure ventilation for the care of individuals who require mechanical ventilation. The Trilogy Evo is deliberate for pediatric through adult patients weighing at least 2.5 kg.

The ventilator can measure, display, record, & alarm FiO2, SpO2, CO2 & the Pulse Rate data when integrated with appropriate accessories. The ventilator is suitable for use in institutional, home, & nonemergency transport settings for instance wheelchair, or personal vehicle.

The AVAPS-AE (Average Volume Assured Pressure Support Auto EPAP) mode is intended for noninvasive use in adults and pediatric patients weighing over 10 kg with OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea), Respiratory Insufficiency, & Respiratory Failure.

This machine is an electronic control, a pneumatic ventilation system that is compatible with a wide range of accessories to provide a variety of therapy modes.

Trilogy Evo ventilator is a medical device deliberate for use by qualified, trained personnel under the supervision of a physician as per its technical specifications. For more training & support materials, go through Philips trilogy Evo.

The Philips Trilogy Evo ventilator is intended to be used as:

  • Both in-home & institutional environments.
  • You can attach the ventilator to a wheelchair, bedrail, gurney, roll stand, or sitting on a flat surface such as a table or nightstand.
  • At the time of transporting the patients within & between the facilities & as needed for home use, such as an automobile or commercial aircraft.

Trilogy Evo Ventilator Contraindications

  • In case the patient has any of the following conditions. You can consult with the patient’s health care professional before using the noninvasive ventilation
  • Inability to maintain the patent airway or appropriately clear secretions.
  • The risk to aspirate gastric contents.
  • Otitis media or Acute sinusitis.
  • Epistaxis, causing the pulmonary aspiration of the blood
  • Hypotension
  • The AVAPS (Average Volume Assured Pressure Support) feature is a contra-indication for patients
    less than 10 kg.


The users of the Philips Trilogy Evo Ventilator include patients (adults), properly trained families, & non-professional caregivers, clinicians (respiratory & non-respiratory), technicians, physicians, & service providers.

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