• 3/4 Length Insole

    Features of 3/4 Length Insole

    • It is highly effective in amputated diabetic feet.
    • It has a side cover for proper foot coverage & prevents foot slippage.
    • Available size- S, M, L

    3/4 Length Insole

    1,199.001,499.00 Select options
  • Full Length Insole

    Features of Full-Length Insole

    • The biomechanically designed product that works on the offloading principle
    • Made up of true medical-grade silicone that provides everlasting resilience
    • Has an excellent shock-absorbing capacity
    • Has pressure dispersion points under heel & forefoot
    • Has metatarsal dome for metatarsal support
    • Has Additional arch support
    • Has ventilation holes for aeration
    • Available Sizes 34/36/38/40/42/44/44/46/48

    Full Length Insole

    1,450.001,699.00 Select options
  • Tynor Full Silicone Insole

    Tynor Full Silicone Insole


    • High cushioning coefficient
    • Long functional life
    • Super soft zones
    • Anatomically shaped
    • Different Sizes Available

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