Resmed Stellar 150 Portable Ventilator

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INTELLIGENT AIR FEATURE: The iVAPS (Intelligent Volume Assured Pressure Support), iBR (intelligent Backup Rate) & Auto EPAP (automatically adjusting expiratory positive airway pressure) continuously monitor & automatically adjust to deliver personal therapy to meet your patient’s’’ changing ventilator needs


EASY TO VIEW THE REAL-TIME DATA & WAVEFORMS: Stellar 150 offers easiness while viewing the data Including the pressure & flow curves, tidal volume, as well as SpO2 (Saturation of Peripheral Oxygen) & FiO2 (fraction of inspired oxygen) levels can be easily viewable on a large color LCD.


BROAD-RANGE THERAPY MODES: The machine provides a wide range of therapy modes Including S (Spontaneous mode), T (Time mode), S/T (Spontaneous/Time mode), PAC (Pressure assist control), CPAP (Continuous positive airway pressure) & iVAPS (Intelligent Volume Assured Pressure Support)


EXTERNAL BATTERIES OPTION: The power of 1 or 2 RPS II (ResMed Power Station II) external batteries, each battery provides an extra 8 hours’ capacity.


APPROVED FOR PAEDIATRIC USE: The ResMed Ventilator Stellar 150 is approved to use by children weighing down to as little as 13 kg

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The Resmed Stellar 150 is ResMed’s premium noninvasive ventilator (with invasive capabilities) for patients with changing ventilator needs or progressive respiratory conditions. It includes conditions like COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), neuromuscular disease (NMD) & obesity hypoventilation syndrome (OHS). It is effortless to set up & use.

The Stellar 150 carefully strikes a balance between providing clinicians with pre-programmed settings that make their job easier, & the opportunity to fine-tune the settings. When needed to befit each patient, a flexible system with the end user in mind. With the
intelligent backup rate & the optional Auto EPAP feature, the APS in Stellar 150 continuously monitors the ventilation & the upper airway & automatically adjusts to deliver personalized ventilation that accommodates each patient’s changing needs.

Indications being use

The Resmed Stellar 150 is intended to provide ventilation for non-dependent, spontaneously breathing adult & pediatric patients (30 lb./13 kg & above) with respiratory insufficiency, or respiratory failure, with or without obstructive sleep apnea. The machine is for noninvasive use, or invasive use (with the use of a ResMed Leak Valve). The device is operational on both stationary, such as in a hospital or home, or mobile, like a wheelchair.


The Stellar 150 machine is contraindicated for patients who are unable to endure more than brief interruptions in ventilation. Stellar 150 devices are not life-support ventilators. Its use may cause reactions in patients with:

  • The pneumothorax or pneumomediastinum
  • In pathologically low blood pressure, particularly if associated with intravascular volume depletion
  • The cerebrospinal fluid leak, recent cranial surgery, or the trauma
  • The severe bullous lung disease
  • In dehydration

Use the Stellar 150 machine or the pulse oximetry (including the XPOD). It is contraindicated in an MRI (Magnetic resonance imaging) environment. The adverse effects show that Patients should report unusual chest pain, severe headache, or increased breathlessness.

  • Below are the side effects that may arise during the course of the noninvasive ventilation with the device:
  • The drying of the nose, throat, or mouth
  • The nosebleed
  • The bloating issues
  • Discomfort in the ear or sinus
  • An eye irritation
  • A skin rash


The Resmed Stellar 150 machine should only be used with the air tubing & accessories recommended by ResMed only. The connection of the other air tubing or accessories can result in injury or damage to the device. ResMed regularly releases new products. Please refer to Resmed’s
catalog of ventilation accessories on ResMed’s website at

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