• Ossur Knee Rom Brace Knee Innovator


    • The simple, versatile post-operative knee bracing solution!
    • OneTouch? hinge for ease of adjustment
    • Reusable ROM locks for easy, accurate and quick fitting that ensures patient compliance
    • Quick release buckles for easy donning and doffing
    • Cool wrap soft goods for improved support and easier strut length adjustments.
    • OneTouch? drop lock button
    • Simply press, rotate and release flexion/extension settings
    • Locks quickly at 0?, 10?, 20?, 30?, 45?, 60?, 75? & 90?
    • Available in 3 models, 3 lengths, and cool or full foam.
  • Tynor Knee Support Hinged


    • Silicon buttress along the patella opening
    • Biaxial hinge
    • Anti-tourniquet effect
    • Four-way compression.
    • Neoprene provides therapeutic warmth

    Tynor Knee Support Hinged

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    Tynor Rom Knee Brace Universal


    • Tynor adjustable r.o.m. Knee brace for multiple orthopaedic problems – universal size
    • Knee Brace-UN, Support
    • Range of motion from 0 to 120-degree flexion
    • 0 to 60 hyperextension with locking intervals of 15 degrees
    • straps with reverse buckle mechanism for controlled tightening and easy wear application.
  • Tynor Knee Brace Short 14 Inch

    Features of Tynor Knee Brace Immobilizer

    • Knee Immobilizer for injured and post-operative knee
    • Anatomically contoured aluminum splints ensure perfect immobilization and grip
    • PUF fused fabric for better cushioning, enhanced comfort, and long life
    • Light in weight, aesthetically smart, and improves compliance

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