Bipap Respironics Pro 2

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  • Integrated Humidification options help to improve compliance
  • Digital Auto-Trak Sensitivity automatically triggers the device to cycle between inspiratory and expiratory pressures based on the patient’s breathing rhythm even in presence of a leak
  • Encore Pro SmartCard and Data Management Software allow providers to track treatment progress
  • Enhanced Event Reporting gives clinicians more insight into patients’ therapy so that treatment can be personalized
  • FOSQ (Quality of life questionnaire) tracks a patient’s quality of life improvements
  • 4-25 cm H2O bi-level pressure range; 4-20 cm H2O Bi-Flex pressure range
  • Deluxe ramp capabilities allow a 0-45 minute time period with patient-adjustable ramp start pressure
  • Lighted patient buttons with improved feel are located on the unit to control it and the heated humidifier
  • The international power supply features lightweight, snug-fitting power cord
  • Compliance meter tracks true usage (breathing is detected)
  • Integrated handle and carrying case allow for easy transport
  • Automatic altitude compensation helps to provide effective treatment at different elevations
  • Extremely quiet operation with automatic on/off operation
  • Mask-off alert
  • Direct DC operation
  • Washable pollen filters and optional ultra-fine filters
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Pro 2 is a bilevel machine which switches back and forth between two pressure levels, one higher and one lower, rather than providing one continuous pressure level. The pressure upon inhalation is higher to hold the airway open, but as the user exhales, the pressure drops to a pre-set lower level. A bilevel machine responds well to people with very high CPAP pressure needs, weak chest wall muscles, lung disease or other health problems that keep them from being able to exhale against a CPAP pressure.

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