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  • Input Voltage:?120 VAC +/- 10%
  • Input Frequency:??60hz
  • Average Power Consumption:?350 Watts
  • Oxygen Concentration (at 5 Lpm): 93% (+/- 3%)
  • Litre Flow:?0.5% to 5 litres per minutes
  • Sound Level:?45 dbA typical
  • Required Maintenance:?Compressor intake filter change every 2 years
  • Oxygen Percentage Indicator Alarm Levels:?Low Oxygen 82%; Very Low Oxygen 70%
  • Operating Temperature:?55F – 90F (12 – 32C)
  • Storage/Transport Humidity:?-30?F to 160?F (-34?C to 71?C) up to 95% relative humidity
  • Operating Humidity:?Up to 95% relative humidity
  • Outlet Pressure:?5.5 PSI
  • Operating Altitude:?0 to 7,500′ (0 to 2,286 m)



Oxygen Concentrator on Rent/Sale

Buying or Renting EverFlo Stationary Oxygen Concentrator is no more difficult. You can easily rent any oxygen concentrator from Medirent. Everflo concentrator was invented for individuals looking for something more from their oxygen concentrator.

This oxygen machine provides Respiratory Therapy for those who may require 5 liters or less of oxygen flow.

EverFlo Stationary Oxygen Concentrator consists of Zeolites sieve beds which selectively absorb nitrogen from the room air and supplies pure oxygen.

The compressor in the instrument absorbs atmospheric air and supplies pure oxygen to the patient with the help of a nasal cannula.

The oxygen purity ranges from 90-95%. Not only this Philips EverFlo oxygen concentrator has various alarms and indicators which ensures the safety of patient and protection of the device.

If you are looking for an Oxygen Concentrator on Rent or sale for domestic purposes, then it will serve the purpose.

It contains a humidifier bottle that ensures that the patient doesn’t feel any discomfort while taking oxygen therapy.

The humidifier bottle is to be filled with distilled water which is to be replaced daily.

It consists of a wheel that makes moving the device easy. Unlike most home oxygen concentrators, the EverFlo is lightweight at only 31 pounds. The EverFlo is quiet, emitting less than 45 Db. It comes with a three-year warranty.



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Everflo Oxygen Concentrator on Rent

Oxygen Concentrator on Rent Everflo INTL

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