Cpap Dream Station Auto Cpap,Intl,Inx500S15


Cpap Dream Station Auto Cpap,Intl,Inx500S15


  • Sleek, User-Friendly Design
  • Colorful Display
  • Auto-Adjusting Pressure
  • OptiStart Technology
  • OPTIONAL¬†Heated Humidifier
  • Advanced Features Incorporated
  • A-Flex Pressure Relief
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The DreamStation Auto CPAP Machine is a modern looking machine with many advanced features to increase therapy effectiveness and comfort. Advanced data can be reviewed on the machine’s display, downloaded off the included SD card, or viewed via Bluetooth on the DreamMapper app on compatible devices (not included). This is an auto-adjusting machine that automatically adjusts pressure during the night on a breath-by-breath basis to provide the optimum pressure needed.


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