Air Mattress – Secura 2.5″


Air Mattress – Secura 2.5″

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  • Medical grade PVC mattress with 2.5’’ bubbles
  • Suitable for prevention of stage 1 ulcer
  • Easy operability
  • Operational on invertors also
  • Hospital bed size mattress (198.12 cm x 91.44 cm)
  • An extended mattress on both ends for tuck in
  • 100 Kg – WBC
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These mattresses are designed to prevent Bed Sores. This has made the hospitalization phase of patients more comfortable and eases their suffering. Mattresses reduce the shear and friction between the bed and patient and safeguard them from pressure ulcers or bedsores. It puts air in different chambers of the mattress and releases the air when it is on. It blows up in one area while releasing air in another area. This takes the pressure off so the patient does not get pressure sores(bed sores).


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