5 Benefits of having a Hospital Bed at Home

hospital bed at home

In this article, we will explain the benefits of having hospital bed at home

  1. Safety of the patient: Fall from the bed is a substantial potential hazard for the patient at home. Hospital beds have side rails. Side rails ensure the patient’s safety by providing that the patient won’t tumble out of the bed even while asleep.
  2. Comfort for the caregiver: When there is a patient at home, the caregiver has a lot of responsibilities, from feeding the patient to taking care of her hygiene. The low height of the home bed makes it very difficult for the caregiver and puts a lot of pressure on her back. Because of its height, a hospital bed makes life much more comfortable for the caregiver.
  3. Multiple positions for the patient: Hospital beds have provisions for keeping the patient in different positions: Head-up, Legs-up, etc. Different positions increase the patient’s comfort and make it convenient for the caregiver to feed the patient. The changing positions also make it more comfortable for the patient and lead to a faster and better recovery.
  4. Movement around the house: Constant confinement to one room makes life monotonous and boring for the patient. It starts weighing down heavily on the patient’s psyche. Hospital beds have wheels that make it very comfortable to take patients to different rooms or areas in the house.
  5. Hygiene: Hospital beds typically have hospital mattresses. Their covers are non-absorbent, ensuring no bodily fluids, food, or drink spills get into them. It is very convenient to sanitize these mattresses, ensuring the patient is safe from secondary infections.
 Also, hospital beds have provisions to install other equipment that may be required for treatment, e.g.,
 drips stands, DVT Pumps, Air mattresses, etc.

Three additional questions

Q1. Is it better to buy or rent a hospital bed?

Ans.  Always better to rent, even if needed for an extended period. It isn’t easy to get rid of a used hospital bed. Users often think they will donate it to a charity once the active usage is over. Easier said than done. No charity is going to collect it from your residence. Instead, they will ask you to transport it to their facility. Strange but true.

Q2. Where to get it on rent?

Ans. No better place than Medirent if you are in Delhi/NCR. Medirent has the broadest range of hospital beds available for rent and sale. Hospital beds have movable parts and develop snags over some time. Medirent, with its team of expert technicians, takes care of the rented equipment very efficiently.

Q3. How much is it going to cost?

Ans. Rentals start from as low as Rs. 2500/- per month. Contact Medirent on 011-2552 2552 or post a query on the website Medirent.co.in

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