• Resmed Astral 150 Ventilator
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    Resmed Astral 150 Ventilator APAC2

    EASY TO MOBILE: The ResMed’s Astral 150 is lightweight i.e. weighing just 3.2 kg. Its lightweight feature makes this device portable.


    EASY USAGE: Astral’s menu is simple & intuitive. The device has a large color LCD. The ventilators display gives essential information about patients’ conditions to the clinicians & carers.


    EASY START & STOP: The Astral 150 machine comes with a big button feature on the main display. It allows you to start or stop the ventilator., or even mute the alarm, just by touching the screen.


    ALARM FEATURE FOR ADDED REASSURANCE: The machine has features like fixed & adjustable alarms. It also includes an advanced disconnection alarm feature for added reassurance.


    OPTIONAL MOBILITY BAGS FOR PROTECTION: The ResMed gives a choice of 2 mobility bags that can protect the Astral 150 while you are on the move. The bag comes with transparent panels which means easy access to the touchscreen. The broad & wide straps enable you to carry the device comfortably over your shoulder or you can mount it on the wheelchair

  • ResMed AirCurve 10 Vauto
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    Resmed Aircurve 10 Vauto Bilevel Bipap Machine Tri Pack 4G

    THROUGHOUT NIGHT CONSISTENT HUMIDIFICATION: Resmed AirCurve TM 10 VAuto Tripack is integrated with a humid air humidifier. It also had a climate line AirTM a heated tube with climate control technology. AirCurve 10VAuto can provide a more comfortable experience

    CONTINUOUS LEAK MANAGEMENT SYSTEM: Resmed’s AirCurve 10 VAuto comes with a continuous leak management system. It enables the reliable delivery of the therapy pressure while maintaining synchrony between the patient and the device

    QUIET & EASY BREATH MOTOR: The AirCurve 10 VAuto has a unique feature that ensures a peaceful environment for you and your bed partner

    WIDE RANGE OF COMPATIBLE SUPPLEMENTAL OXYGEN: Resmend’s AirCurve BIPAP in S and CPAP mode is compatible with up to 15 liters per minute of supplemental oxygen. In Vauto mode it’s 4 liters per minute

    AMBIENT LIGHT SENSORS: It has a built-in ambient light sensor that adjusts according to room brightness. If you wake up at the night, the screen’s backlight won’t disturb your partner. The light turns off automatically. You can go back to sleep without any disturbance

  • Resmed Aircurve 10 St
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    Resmed Aircurve 10 St Bilevel Bipap Machine With Humidifier 3G

    • BUILT IN HUMID AIR HUMIDIFIER: With this feature, the humidifier constantly delivers the temperature and humidity. Their levels were maintained for enhanced comfort.
    • QUIET AND PEACEFUL SLEEP ENVIRONMENT: Its enhanced easy-breath motor makes the sleep environment quiet and peaceful.
    • EASY TO USE: The upright design takes very less space and its color LCD screen is very simple to use. Its Ramp feature will give you extra comfort to help patients get at ease after every therapy session.
    • LEAK MANAGEMENT: Resmed’s Airsense 10 ST has a continuous leak management system that provides consistent pressure
    • 2 YEARS WARRANTY AND FREE SERVICE: The Resmed offers 2 years warranty and free services at your nearest service center, within the purchase of 9 months. You can also signup for the Resmed reward program and can extend the warranty of your product by a year.
  • Resmed Lumis 150 st
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    Resmed Lumis 150 St Vpap Bipap Machine Tri-pack

    TRIGGER & CYCLE: It helps you to optimize the settings as per the patient’s requirement by 5 trigger & cycle sensitivity levels.


    THE VSYNC: It provides excellent patient & ventilator sync. In the pressure of a significant leak.


    TI CONTROL: It helps you to set the min & max limits. On the other side, the patient’s ideal inspiratory time is to encourage spontaneous breathing.


    RAMP & RAMP DOWN: It’s for external comfort. The Lumis offers both the Ramp & Ramp down features to help the patients ease in every therapy session.


    IVAPS FEATURE: It learns each patient’s alveolar ventilation. It sets appropriate targets and then provides smooth pressure support to suit.

  • Resmed Airsense 10 Cpap Machine
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    Resmed Airsense 10 Cpap Machine With Humidifier and Climate Tube

    Feature of Resmed Airsense 10 CPAP Machine

    • EASY TO USE: The Resmed Air Sense 10 CPAP with the humidifier and climate tube is easy to use simply plug in the Airsense 10 auto-set device and press the start button
    • AUTO ADJUSTMENT: Resmed Air Sense 10 Autoset is a premium pressure therapy device with the auto-adjusting pressure feature
    • AUTO RAMP WITH THE SLEEP ONSET DETECTION: Its intelligent detection Autoramp with sleep onset detection is started by delivering low pressure for greater patient comfort. The pressure increases gradually and reached the prescribed level once the patient false asleep
    • SMART START FUNCTION: Resmed Air Sense 10 is equipped with the intelligent start function which means it begins sleep apnea therapy as soon as you start taking a breath into your mask. Once you remove the mask it stops automatically after a few seconds
    • CONSISTENT HUMIDIFICATION: The Resmed Air Sense 10 auto-set provides consistent humidification for increased comfort throughout the night with its integrated humid air humidifier. To enhance the comfort level, you can add a climate line air-heated tube with the climate control technology
  • Resmed Bipap Lumis 100 Vpaps
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    Resmed Lumis 100 Vpap s Bipap Machine Tripack

    • CLIMATE CONTROL AUTO FOR AUTOMATIC HUMIDIFICATION: Resmed Lumis 100 when used with the Humid Air heated humidifier and climate line Air heated tube will deliver humidification automatically. No more settings to change and no more complicated menus to navigate.
    • TRIGGER AND CYCLE: The Lumis 100 VPAP S helps you to optimize the settings according to the condition of the patient. It has five Trigger and Cycle sensitivity levels.
    • RAMP AND RAMP DOWN FOR EXTRA COMFORT: Lumis 100 VPAP S of both Ramp and Ramp down features to help the patients ease into and out of each therapy session.
    • RESCAN SOFTWARE FOR THE ADVANCED CLINICAL INSIGHTS: The Lumis Rescan enables you to download your patient’s ventilator settings therapy data and insight gain into their therapy across several metrics. Also 25 Hz high-resolution data are
      available for breath by breath analysis and even greater insights.
    • QUICK-NAV FOR LOW-TOUCH THERAPY ADJUSTMENT: The Lumis 100 VPAP S can be toggled between settings & monitoring the screens by just clicking the home button. You can change and check settings easily and quickly
  • Resmed AirStart10

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