• Breast Pump Infi Manual


    • Comes with bottle and nipple and cap for a bottle to carry a breast pump.
    • For convenient use this breast pump at home or on the go and Small and Compact
    • Easy to assemble, Easy to use, Easy to clean, Single pumping.
    • More hygienic for breast as all parts can be sterilized.
    • Baby can be fed right after expressing breast-milk using attached nipple set.

    Breast Pump Infi Manual

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  • Infi Water Bed

    Water Bed Infi


    • Suitable for prevention only
    • Economical
    • Very easy to operate.
    • Hospital bed size mattress
    • Pressure adjustment regulator
    • Maximum weight bearing capacity: 100 kg
    • Continuous usage for 12 hours then rest time one hour
    • Mattress Bubble Size : Height 6.35cm Breath 91.44cm Length 198.12 cm
  • Infi Tube Mattress Set 4″


    • Weight bearing capacity: 160 Kgs
    • Helps in treating and managing bed sores (stage 1,2 & 3 ulcers).
    • 360 degree approach to prevent & manage bed sores.
    • 4? Nylon/P.U. individual tube mattress with cover.
    • Overlay sheet; which is air permeable & water resistant.
    • Merged alternative pressure relief system.
    • Static Mode option is available.
    • A low-pressure indicator is there on the pump.
    • Kink-free tubes with quick connectors.
    • Transport mode during a shift is present.
    • No Bottoming Out
    • Available with pump
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    Pulse Oximeter Infi


    • Duro-pod design.
    • Four slides rotation.
    • Perfusion index.
    • 2 color led display.
    • Low battery consumption up to 50 hrs.
    • Easy to operate.
    • Simple operation for immediate.
    • Real-time spot checks.
    • Easy and Efficient One Button Operation.
    • Reliable accuracy and durability.
    • Automatic power off design.?Battery low indication.

    Pulse Oximeter Infi

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  • Infi Futura Model O BP Monitor.tmp-995-a

    Features of Infi BP Monitor

    • 3rd Generation Blood Pressure Monitor with Comfort Cuff – Smart Read Measurement During Inflation Technology.
    • Accurate blood pressure measurement on the upper arm. Faster and more accurate measurement results in thanks to measurement during inflation technology. Measures diastolic blood pressure first during inflation and gives instant results without deflating. Allows for immediate repeat measurement for comparison with the least difference.
    • Irregular Pulse Detection- The Monitor displays an irregular Pulse symbol if the Patient is missing a heartbeat. Such Patients need medical attention. Measurements classified according to the WHO evaluation system using a Traffic-Light Colour Scale
    • An LCD display with luminous blue background light for easy reading. Stores 120 readings memory with date and Time. Display items: Systolic, Diastolic, Pulse, Date and Time
    • Free Adapter included saving you the hassle of changing batteries often.

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