Nursing & Attendants

What does a Medirent home nurse do?

Right from feeding to giving medicines on time, at Medirent, our team of nurses have been well trained to take care of all the possible needs the patient might have. Some other areas in which our nurses have an expertise include:

  1. Wound Care
  2. Catheter Care
  3. Proper Feeding
  4. Bed Sore Management
  5. Oxygen Administration
  6. Ventilator Management
  7. Vaccination Management
  8. Injections and IV Infusion
  9. Bladder and Bowel Management

Apart from the physical well-being, our nurses also ensure that the patients are emotionally healthy. Thus, they are affectionate and extremely friendly to create a comfortable environment for the patient, thereby ensuring faster recovery.


At Medirent, we understand that the requirement of every family might vary. So, we offer four different timing options, from which you can choose, depending on your needs.

  • Full–Time Nurse- 24 hours
  • Day Nurse- Assists for 12 hours during the day
  • Night Nurse- Assists for 12 hours during the night

A skilled nurse or a trained attendant? Which one do I need?

At a very rudimentary level, the basic difference in both the categories is that a trained attendant looks after the day-to-day activities of the patient whereas a skilled nurse takes care of all medicinal needs.

So, if you need someone to assist you with the fundamental needs of the patient such as feeding, wound management, assistance while exercising, etc., you should opt for a trained attendant. On the other hand, if the patient requires specialised skills such as wound management, injections etc., opt for a skilled nurse.

At Medirent, we provide both skilled nurses and trained attendants, based on your requirement.


It is important for a skilled nurse to be able to handle medical equipment with precision, in order to provide the best care to the patient. All the nurses at Medirent have the skills required to handle equipment’s like ventilators, multipara monitors, suction machines, DVT pump, ECG machines, oxygen concentrators and cylinders, CPAP/BPAP devices among others.

Who can all benefit?

The services of a skilled nurse are usually required by:

  • Patients who’ve just been discharged from the hospital and require hospital-like care for a few weeks.
  • Patients who’ve just been discharged from the hospital and require hospital-like care for a few weeks.
  • Patients who’ve been prescribed by the doctor to have a constant palliative care
  • Patients who’ve been on ambulatory support

Why Medirent nurses?

  • All nurses are qualified and well-educated
  • Nurses are in constant touch with doctors
  • Proven track record of treating patients at home
  • Years of experience in ICUs in some of the top hospitals of India
  • Skilful and up-to-date with the latest technology in medical equipment