Disinfection Services

Aap ne room Disinfection karaya kya?

Medirent has come up with a new service called Medirent Disinfection Services. We help to provide a safe environment for recently discharged patients to help them recover fast in the convenience of their homes. Those patients who are compromising with weak immunity (for eg. Transplant patients) a disinfected & clean environment is very important for their fast recovery.

A bacteria-free household is essential for a happy, healthy family. Cleaning with the use of a cleaner and a sponge or cloth can remove visible dirt and grime and even some germs, but it will not get rid of the whole problem.

Disinfection removes bacteria, effectively destroying a high percentage of germs and rendering them incapable of reproducing.

The products that we use for performing the disinfection are best in class. We use an effective surface disinfectant which eliminates the disease-causing organisms and makes the environment patient-friendly.

Medirent provides disinfecting services in time-critical situations such as a bacteria or viral outbreak at a business or home. Unlike maid services or janitorial services that perform sanitizing, our disinfecting methods are the most thorough available.

We destroy bacteria through the use of EPA registered hospital grade disinfectants. Our disinfecting services are effective against a full spectrum of bacteria, MRSA such as Staphylococcus- Staff Infection, E. coli and Salmonella, and many viruses, such as HIV and Hepatitis.

We use the best disinfecting method to ensure deep, thorough and complete disinfection. Proper pre-cleaning is necessary for any disinfectant applied to work effectively.