Toilet Stool 7″


Toilet Stool 7″

1,499.00 1,350.00

Features :

  • Comfort & Convenience of Western Commode with Benefit of Indian Style
  • One Single product can be used by a kid of 3 yrs to Senior Citizen of 75 years
  • Extremely Easy to use with No extra space required in Bathroom, as it Fits under Wall mounted and Floor mounted Western Commode of any shape
  • Safe to use since it is Anti-Skid and Anti Topple


Humpty Empty help you attain a natural position to excrete the waste easily even in your Western Toilet, that too effortlessly. Our Human body is made in such a way that we need to squat to completely remove the waste but with the advent of civilization, human habits, shelter, food and lifestyle changes, we have forgotten to squat and even though it is the best posture to pass on the motion, it is virtually impossible for most of us to sit in that position for long. One of the study says that the seating position in the western toilet is actually against human anatomy and bowel/colon related diseases like haemorrhoids, appendicitis, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome have been on the rise since we have started using the western toilets. We as Human beings are now so accustomed to using the Western toilets due to comfort, convenience and hygiene that switching back to Indian toilets is impossible and that is where Humpty Empty comes to your rescue. With the use of Humpty Empty toilet stool, you will continue to have the convenience and comfort of the Western commode and will get the benefit of the Indian style.



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