Reh Pedo Cycle


Reh Pedo Cycle

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  • Orthopaedic Support
  • Rehabilitation Aids
  • pedal exercisers are a perfect companion for fitness and rehabilitation of legs and arms
  • The quick folding frame makes the Fit Sit easy to store and easy to travel with
  • No tools required
  • Assembly – Assembled Cycle Resistance – Adjustable
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Cycling is one means of low-impact exercise beneficial for your hips. One form of stationary cycle frequently used in physical therapy keeping the hips and knees moving, and the muscles around the joints strong, contributes greatly to protecting the joints and staving off additional damage caused by arthritis While the major hip muscle, called the abductor, is not one of the primary muscles used for cycling, it does assist in the movement needed for cycling, which helps it to grow in terms of muscle tone.


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