Infi Nebulizer Machine

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  • Longer continuous usage Powerful Piston Compressor (2.5 to 3 bar pressure) and production of high-quality respiratory aerosol. MMD approximately 4 micrometers.
  • With automatic thermal protector, automatic cut off if overheated, assures long life of the piston pump
  • The special nebulizing chamber has a low particle size and delivers medication effectively and efficiently with clinical accuracy for lower/upper respiratory tract
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MRP: INR 2,990.00


These Infi Nebulizer Machines spray liquid medication to fog panel by compressing air and form tiny particles, which flow into the throat through imbibing tube. It adopts an oil-free high-efficiency valve with no need for daily lubrication and it is low noise, tiny particles. It is an ideal product for family and medical units? use, and suitable for all kinds of patients.

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Infi Nebulizer Machine

MRP: INR 2,990.00

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