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ICU at Home

SETUP OF ICU AT HOME PROCESSETUP OF ICU AT HOME PROCESS OF SETTING HOME ICU SETUP Free assessment patient location /hospital Transparent care plan with all details Testing of ventilator/…

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Home-Based Sleep Study

What is OSA? Obstructive Sleep Apnea is a potentially life threating disease in which patients stop breathing repeatedly during sleep due to airway collapse, leading to a loss of oxygen…

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Disinfection Services

Aap ne room Disinfection karaya kya? Medirent has come up with a new service called Medirent Disinfection Services. We help to provide a safe environment for recently discharged patients to…

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Nursing & Attendants

What does a Medirent home nurse do? Right from feeding to giving medicines on time, at Medirent, our team of nurses have been well trained to take care of all the possible needs the patient might…

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