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WCSD SUPERB SLR 2000, 890/610GCJ


WCSD SUPERB SLR 2000, 890/610GCJ

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The chrome plated steel frame with an attractive finish, and the durable nylon upholstery make this reclining wheelchair easy to maintain, durable and lightweight. Wheelchair is provided with lever to manually control the reclining angle. It has options of elevated detachable leg rest with calf support, specially meant to keep the leg straight or at an angle.


  • Folding wheelchair
  • Stylish and compact design ensure durability.
  • Weight Bearing Capacity 100 kg approx.
  • Recline up to 180
  • Detachable commode
  • Thick cushioning seat
  • L=34 B=22 H=49
  • Detachable armrest, easy transfer to bed.
  • Detachable footrest, can also be elevated


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